Polaris Young Adult Leadership Network

The Polaris Young Adult Leadership Network cultivates relationships among young adults who are Christian leaders across the United States, amplifying the scope and impact of their leadership through relationships and resources.

About Polaris

What is the Polaris Leadership Network?

The Polaris Young Adult Leadership Network amplifies and supports the leadership of Christian young adults across the United States. The network cultivates community among young adults through holy friendship. It also creates opportunities to further the impact of their work and support fresh ideas. The prevailing narrative surrounding young adult faith tells of decline and church disaffiliation, but this is an overly simplified chapter in a much larger story. An ultimately more hopeful reality exists; many young adults are not leaving, they are leading.

Many young adults are not leaving, they are leading.

Young adults lead in diverse occupations, shepherd vibrant ministries, and pursue spiritual entrepreneurship from a deep well of faith. It is clear the future of churches and the welfare of local communities are in exceedingly capable hands. Young adults step into their power with ingenuity, excellence, and a cooperative curiosity for what the Holy Spirit is breathing into existence. Our world is rapidly changing. Young adult leaders are the innovators who will bridge the gap between our communities as they currently exist and our communities as God calls them to be.

Why the name Polaris? 

Polaris is the name of the North Star, a steadfast beacon in the night sky that has guided sojourners on their way for millennia. The star appears to hold the same celestial location from dusk until dawn, providing a natural guidepost for navigation. In this spirit, the Polaris Young Adult Leadership Network serves as a steadying conduit of community, holy friendship, and collaborative innovation for young adults who lead. The network also shares stories and generates research for those invested in Christian young adult leadership across the United States.

Just as collections of unique stars form captivating constellations across the cosmos, bright young leaders and their gifts illuminate each other’s lives when they become interconnected . Polaris creates space for meaningful vocational friendships to emerge and for new constellations of support to develop among young adults around the country. Together, young adults form a new cosmology of relationships within the vast and evolving landscape of Christian leadership.

What do leaders gain from being part of the network?

Christian leaders often feel lonely and isolated in their work. Polaris proactively responds to this crisis. It’s easy to imagine leaders as those on the frontlines of every enterprise and arena, making sure the needs of their communities are met and those entrusted to their care are adequately cared for. Still, young adult leaders face distinct challenges, dealing with life transitions or even experiencing resistance in their leadership. These strains can leave them feeling as if they are alone in their experience, without a community to offer solidarity or to work alongside toward resolutions to seemingly intractable problems. Polaris creates a community of people who “get it” and want to engage in friendships and mutual support. If you are a leader in your 20s and this resonates, get connected

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